What does EGAN offer?

  EGAN offers a wide range of personal assistance services to promote independence and ensure quality of life for individuals after an accident or illness. EGAN can provide LPNs, CNAS, and companions.    

How does EGAN ensure quality patient care?

  EGAN will provide an initial assessment, devise a care plan, and choose compatible and skilled caregivers specific to each case.

How are caregivers hired?

  EGAN Caregivers undergo a rigorous screening process, which includes thorough background checks, validation of work experience, and interviews. Our staff also participates in continuing education courses to further their skill set and keep with up-to-date training.    

Is there on-call assistance available through EGAN?

  Staff members are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What are some benefits of care at home?

  Personal care at home is known to increase individual morale, quality of life, and overall happiness and health. Let EGAN become part of your caregiving plan—and family!